The right processes and technology for your product.

Our comprehensive service and our advisory expertise enable us to partner you from the concept to the finished component, allowing you to benefit from our specialist know-how. What truly sets us apart is our ability to put our springs and stampings expertise to use advising you in the development of your application and then to define the right process and technology for your product. We deliver exactly the functionality and quality you need at optimum cost.

Phase 1: Planning


Our project manager is your key point of contact for the entire project. Not only are they all specialists in springs and stampings, they also boast wide-ranging technical know-how in the customer applications they support. This is how we are able to ensure that you always get the optimum customer care and advice.

Advanced process and quality planning is done in accordance with APQP and VDA guidelines.


Our engineers are skilled in product development and very familiar with the material, spring technology and customer applications. They have modern development tools such as 3D-CAD and FEM simulation at their fingertips. Prototypes are manufactured on serial production machines. We develop and build the special machinery and tools we need ourselves.


Process development for the entire BAUMANN Group is coordinated by a team of specialists responsible for launching new technologies, optimizing individual processes and process chains. So we can ensure the transfer of knowledge throughout the group and standardization across the world – and for our customers that means optimum costs coupled with global production standards.


Our machine manufacturer embedded within BAUMANN Group enables us to produce our own coiling and testing machines to facilitate our manufacturing operations. Boasting this level of vertical integration puts us in a position to continually optimize and perfectly design machines for large volume requirements. Our machine manufacturer handles all of the mechanical and electrical engineering design and software programming completely in-house, which enables the machine development department to define and modify even complex systems down to the last detail. An end-to-end data flow from SolidWorks and CADdy to SAP using CIDEON keeps the organization lean.

Phase 2: Realization


Wire forming und cutting

  • Winding, coiling and bending in 3 dimensions
  • High-speed burr-free cutting
  • Hot and cold forming
  • Use of CNC machines with the option of integrated 100% control of geometric properties
  • Wire diameters between 0.1 and 9.0 mm



  • Material thickness 0.1 – 3.0 mm
  • Stamping and bending or progressive dies up to 1,500 mm in length
  • Press force 25 t – 300 t


Tool manufacturing

  • Own toolshop
  • Modern, efficient machinery with a focus on milling, EDM, grinding
  • State-of-the-art 3D systems in design and programming



  • Through-feed and plunge grinding
  • Mass finishing
  • Dry grinding machine for d=0.3 – max. 20 mm
  • Wet grinding machine for samples and springs from d=20 mm


Heat treatment

  • Stress tempering between 250° and 480°
  • Case hardening
  • Annealing
  • Local induction hardening


Surface treatment

  • Zinc flake coating
  • Painting
  • Glass and sand blasting
  • Shot peening
  • Shot polishing



  • Chemical cleaning
  • Removal of particles up to 100 my in diameter


Quality inspection

  • Crack detection system – 100% visual inspection of all heat-treated springs
  • Surface treatment examination
  • Material strength inspection
  • Elasticity measurement
  • Lifecycle inspection
  • Corrosion resistance (salt spray testing, coating thickness)



To live up our customers' high demands, BAUMANN operates a state-of-the-art quality and environmental protection program. 

This includes:

  • All BAUMANN companies have ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certification.
  • ISO 13485 certification at our Swiss headquarter and the US location.
  • Quality assurance to assist the inspection in the production.

BAUMANN sets itself high standards. As high as our customers' requirements. BAUMANN checks and audits its suppliers in accordance with international standards alongside guidelines and regulations specially developed for BAUMANN Group. Where applicable, suppliers can be integrated in the product design phase right from the start in order to have customer needs taken into account from the early stages.

A lean, flexible and time-controlled logistics process throughout the entire supply chain is a matter of course for us.

Our global purchasing activities, coordinated across three continents, enable us to guarantee the best possible terms, qualities and availabilities.


Perfect products are the basis of our success and deeply embedded in our history as a Swiss provider of quality. Should you nevertheless have cause for complaint, our service mentality means that we will naturally seek to resolve the issue professionally and fast. Our standard procedure includes:

  • Initiating any immediate measures that may be necessary
  • Monitoring and documenting analyses of faults and causes, and procuring the required data and information
  • Monitoring improvement measures and documenting their effectiveness
  • Participating in customer audits and making customer visits

Our in-house lab staff provide support from product development to raw material procurement to series production, offering the following testing options:

  • Visual inspections
  • Metallographic testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Corrosion tests
  • Residual dirt analyses